Cemetery Policy

New Wappetaw Presbyterian Church Cemetery Policy

Adopted January 20, 2013

Active members of New Wappetaw Church, their spouses, and their unmarried children shall have a right to burial in the Cemetery and will not be assessed a fee for burial.

Non-members and non-active members who are descendants of ancestors buried in the Cemetery may be eligible if there is room in their family plot. The decision shall be made by the Cemetery Committee. The fee shall be $500 per person. All fees shall be paid before burial unless otherwise agreed upon by the Cemetery Committee.

A burial site shall be made available for any minister or former minister of the New Wappetaw Presbyterian Church who wishes to be buried in the Cemetery. No fee shall be charged.

A potter’s field (with limited burial sites) shall be provided for charitable purposes. All sites shall be approved by the Cemetery Committee. The fee for this service shall be negotiated.

The mortuary responsible for the burial shall obtain permission and a signed permit from the Cemetery Committee before the excavation of a grave site it begun.

The family or other responsible party for anyone buried in the Cemetery shall have the gravestone erected within one year of burial, or a late fee of $250 may be charged unless extenuating circumstances arise, at which time a one-time extension may be granted. The decision as the whether to grant this extension, and the length thereof, shall be made by the Cemetery Committee.

The family, mortuary, monument company, or other party responsible for the gravestone of the deceased shall submit to the Cemetery Committee a photo, sketch, or other sufficient description of the gravestone for consideration and approval prior to installation. A signed permit shall be issued by the Cemetery Committee.

Artificial flowers may be used for special occasions, but should not remain over 4 months afterwards or they will be removed from the site by the Cemetery Committee.

Expenses for maintenance of the Cemetery shall be acquired through donation and burial fees. The Cemetery Committee shall maintain perpetual care within keeping of the original intent of our forefathers.

All decisions of the Cemetery Committee shall be approved by the Session before any actions are taken by the Committee.

New Wappetaw’s minister or at least one of New Wappetaw’s elders shall be present at all funerals and at all burials in the New Wappetaw Cemetery. (Added March 30, 2014)
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